Why Study in the UNITED STATES?


Academic Life 

As a student of UNICAMPUS, I would say it was good experience being a part of UNICAMPUS. Every staff at UNICAMPUS really helped a lot. Though, I had come to take the service late, I got all services on standard. Through the continuous support of people at UNICAMPUS, I am successful to get the visa. I loved the interview preparation, pre-departure orientation and other student support services at UNICAMPUS.

- Ngimlamu Sherpa

Unicampus provide me a quality service during my processing to study in Australia. I have been granted a student visa at CQU. I can say Unicampus is one of the best education advisor in Nepal for students pursuing to study in Australia.

- Madan Godar

My experience with UNICAMPUS was really nice. I got to meet very kind, helpful and informative consultant at UNICAMPUS. I am successful to get student visa to US due to dedicated support of US counselors at UNICAMPUS. It was truly an honor to be a part of UNICAMPUS.

- Asha Rajak

- Arogya Dahal

- Bikalpa Prasai